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A Program that Prepares You for Success

You may be wondering if you need to attend a master’s program after earning a bachelor’s degree. This is commonly referred to as graduate school. As a graduate student, you will acquire specific skills and knowledge that will allow you to succeed in your career field. Graduate degrees come in a variety of forms. The purpose of this article is to provide information related to graduate school and the benefits of the various graduate degrees available.

Let’s Understand

A graduate school is an institution of higher education, offering advanced courses, which prepare you for a specific career or field. In most cases, you must first obtain your three-year or four-year undergraduate degree before applying to and attending graduate school, i.e. Master’s Program. The majority of universities offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

In graduate school, the curriculum is more specialized, and the expectations are far higher than in undergraduate school. These aspects allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Some of the programs at the graduate level include:

Furthermore, graduate school is different from professional school, which prepares students for a certain profession rather than focusing on an academic subject. There are some professional degrees that are also classified as graduate degrees, such as medical and law degrees.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is typically needed for acceptance into graduate school, as well as a high-grade point average during undergraduate studies. This standardized test is required by most graduate school programs to assess a candidate’s skills and knowledge. It is recommended that you take the GRE during your junior year of undergraduate study if you are planning to attend graduate school after completing your undergraduate degree.

(1) Master’s Program – A Concept

The following types of graduate degrees are typically offered by graduate schools:

Master’s Program – A Brief

One of the most common graduate degrees is the master’s degree, which offers more advanced training in a particular subject after an undergraduate degree has been earned. These degrees are typically completed in between one and two years. Among the most popular master’s degrees are the following:

(2) Doctoral degree (Ph.D.)

To earn these advanced degrees, students typically do independent research, teach, and write and defend their dissertations. Depending on the subject and your prior working experience, a doctoral degree can take between three and eight years to complete. In order to teach or conduct research at a university or similar institution, students often earn their Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.). In order to be accepted into a Ph.D. program, you typically must either hold a master’s degree in a related field or / and have a specific amount of work experience in that field.

(3) Special Degree

Specialist degrees are often obtained after earning a bachelor’s degree. By earning a specialist degree, students are able to acquire specialized training and certification in a specific profession. Among the types of graduate degrees available are education specialist, psychology specialist, library science specialist, and many others.

Among the common specialist degrees that are considered professional degrees instead of graduate degrees are Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), and Doctor of Chiropractic (DC).

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