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you v/s YOU

If you want to change a habit, you have to replace it with another one. This applies to motivation as well. The only way to change a person’s motivation is to replace an undesirable motivation with a desirable one. In other words, you need to understand whether your motivation is positive or destructive. 

It is important to identify inspiration and build on it until you create an intense thirst within you. It means taking responsibility for the results.

To achieve this, new goals should be set, or existing goals should be reviewed, as well as the reasons for setting them. A second way to get motivated is to find someone who shares your passion. 

Ask yourself the following questions before you begin tapping into your inspirations. Your call to action can be created once you tap into this great source of motivation. The questions should work for you on a personal level, or they can be adapted to fit your situation. For your understanding, I have purposely written these questions in the second person.

If you think that you are not motivated in the current situation, it means something needs to be changed. It may be your thoughts, actions, or a way of looking at your life. Motivation and change are facilitated only when you know and understand the answers to each of these questions. You can facilitate a change in your life once you have answered these questions:

Remember; Change for motivation means movement, movement means friction, friction means energy, and energy means growth.

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